The Vision

Thousands of Christians across the world taking 1 gospel, 2 by 2 over 3 days at Easter, simply GOing into the streets and public spaces to demonstrate the good news of Jesus.

123GO is the vision of evangelist Chris Duffett in partnership with Simon Goddard (RiverTree) and Yinka Oyekan (The Turning and current President of the Baptist Union of Great Britain.) They believe this is a call to the body of Christ to take the eternal hope of the Christian faith to those who desperately need what we have.

The global pandemic means that in 2021 we’ll be launching 123GO with a prayer initiative, preparing the ground for 2022. This will be when we’ll be going out onto streets and into public spaces creatively sharing the good news, and for 90 minutes on each of the evenings of Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday the gospel will be preached live online for any who have been given invites or encountered people 2 by 2 out on the streets and want to know more.

Who is it for:

This idea is available for all denominations and Christian organisations to engage with and make available to encourage disciples to share the good news of Jesus in whatever way they can.

How will it run?

In 2021

We’re inviting people to prepare the ground by prayer-walking their neighbourhoods and communities. We’ll be posting creative ideas to inspire your prayers as well as hosting online prayer events on the evenings of 2nd, 3rd and 4th April. For those who sign up to the initiative after Easter 2021 we’re encouraging you to choose three days later in the year to prayer walk ahead of the 123GO in 2022.

In 2022

In the months ahead of Easter 2022 Christians will be given a selection of online workshops to attend or watch to help get them ready to go in twos to bring good news. Workshops will include:

  • The Turning
  • Prophetic art
  • Praying for the sick
  • Acts of kindness
  • Servant evangelism
  • Praying for your community
  • Prayer evangelism.