Prayer Walk

Although we had hoped to be going onto the streets and into public places to creatively share Jesus with others over Easter 2021, it seemed right to begin this initiative with a weekend of prayer walking instead. What better way to prepare the ground for a weekend of faith sharing in Easter 2022!

So, between the 2nd and 4th April 2021, people across the nation were invited to prayer walk the residential roads and commercial high streets of their communities. Friends committed to walk and pray together in a Covid-secure way for at least 30 minutes on each of those three days.

As you plan your involvement in 123GO! in Easter 2022 we’re inviting you to get ready in the same way. To set aside three days – maybe over a long weekend, or three consecutive Saturdays or Sundays – to prepare the ground and to pray a blessing over your communities.

In this challenging seasons we suggest you might be wanting to pray as follows:

  • For families impacted by loved ones who have died or become ill;
  • For individuals and businesses facing financial insecurity;
  • For health and education personnel, and other key workers physically and emotionally exhausted by the extra work Covid has brought;
  • For the mental wellbeing of any who are struggling to cope with these and other challenges;
  • For local Christians and charitable organisations offering practical support in a variety of ways;
  • For hearts to be opened to the hope of the gospel, and for the Holy Spirit to prepare the ground for 123GO in Easter 2022;
  • For other Jesus followers to be stirred by the 123GO vision and be inspired to participate in creatively introducing people to Jesus.

For our original prayer weekend we recorded three videos that you may want to use in your own prayer initiative. Each covered a particular theme that was relevant to the Easter weekend, but will be appropriate for your three days of prayer whenever they happen.

They were:

DAY 1 – Daily theme of Lament. Appropriate for a ‘Commissioning Event’ before you head out for your prayer walk. Ask God to break your hearts for your community about those things causing pain and hardship.

DAY 2 – Daily theme of Encouraging. Appropriate for the second day of your prayer walk. A video to watch as you prepare to pray blessings over your community – for the wellbeing of your neighbours and the thriving of local businesses.

DAY 3 – Daily theme of Faith. Appropriate for the third day of your prayer walk. A video to watch after you’ve been out praying for your community to see and hear the good news of Jesus, and for opportunities to them to engage respond during the 123GO! initiative in Easter 2022.

If you’d like to be part of the 123GO initiative please do sign up to our mailing list and join our Facebook group so that we can keep you inspired and informed, and you can let us know what you’ve been up to. We’d love to know when you’re holding your prayer walking days!